7mm Caliber

All of the items below can be made in either high speed steel or carbide with live pilot. Go and No Go headspace gauges are also available for any reamer we manufacture.

For more information, please call or email.

275 Rigby High Velocity

280 Ack Imp

280 Dubiel

280 RCBS Imp

280 Rem

280 Riml NE Ross

284 Baer

284 Shehane

284 Whitley

284 Win

297/250 Rook

7mm Ack Mag

7mm American

7mm BR Rem

7mm Dakota .317 Neck

7mm Dakota .319 Neck

7mm Exp/Obermeyer

7mm Gibbs

7mm IHMSA (Gates)

7mm IHMSA Int'l

7mm Imperial Mag

7mm INT-R

7mm Laser

7mm Laser Unl

7mm Mash Super Mag

7mm OTH

7mm PPC

7mm Rem Mag

7mm Rem Ultra Mag

7mm Rigby Mag


7mm STE

7mm STW

7mm Super Mag IHMSA

7mm TCU

7mm TNT

7mm Wby Mag

7mm Win Short Mag

7mm/08 Ack Imp

7mm/08 Conv

7mm/08 Obermeyer

7mm/08 Rem

7mm/225 Win

7mm/270 WSM

7mm/30 Waters

7mm/300 Wby Mag

7mm/300 Win

7mm/300 WSM

7mm/33 SAKO

7mm/348 Ack Imp

7mm/378 Wby Mag

7mm/45 Ingram

7mm/46 UIAC


7mm/57 Ack Imp

7mm/57 Mauser

7mm/57 R

7mm/61 Sharpe & Hart

7mm/61 Super

7mm/64 Brenneke

7mm/65 R

7mm/65 R Brenneke

7mm/66 SE v Hofe

7mm/68S Kroll

7mm/72 R

7mm/75R SE VH

7mm/8mm Rem Mag 25dg