6mm Caliber

All of the items below can be made in either high speed steel or carbide with live pilot. Go and No Go headspace gauges are also available for any reamer we manufacture.

For more information, please call or email.

240 Cobra

240 Fl. N.E.

240 Gibbs (6mm/06 Gibbs)

240 Page Super Pooper

240 Wby Mag

243 Ack Imp

243 Catbird

243 Imp 30 Degree

243 Rockchucker

243 Super RC/28

243 Win

243 WSSM

244 H&H Mag

244 Mashburn Imp

6mm Ack Krag Long

6mm American

6mm Beggs

6mm BR Match

6mm BR Norma

6mm BR Rem

6mm BR/262 Long Neck

6mm BR/266 Short Neck

6mm BRDX

6mm BRX

6mm Cheetah

6mm Creedmoor

6mm Dasher

6mm Donaldson Int'l

6mm Mach IV

6mm Medusa

6mm PPC

6mm PPC w/262 Neck

6mm PPC w/264 Neck

6mm PPC Borden w/262 Neck


6mm Rem

6mm Rem Int'l

6mm Super LR

6mm Super LR#2

6mm Super LR/S (Semi-Auto)

6mm Super LR/S-Bolt-Action

6mm Super LR/SS

6mm TallDog

6mm TCU

6mm XC

6mm XC 0-45


6mm/06 Ack Imp

6mm/22-250 Rem

6mm/222 Rem

6mm/225 Win

6mm/244 Ack Imp

6mm/250 Ack Imp

6mm/250 Bentrup

6mm/257 Wby

6mm/284 Fritz

6mm/284 Win

6mm/303 BR

6mm/350 Rem

6mm/45(6mm/223 Rem)


6mm/47 Imp

6mm/47 Lapua

6mm/47 Swiss Match

6mm/55 Arch Imp

6mm/62 Freres